How to run a successful ebay business.

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 Are you looking to beat the so called `credit crunch`? Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your earnings? Are you looking for a way to replace your income?

Ebay was the answer for me. And it could be for you too!

Here are my 5 golden rules for running a successful ebay business.

1. Go for it. Make a positive decision to take ebay seriously. Keep focused and do not give up. Try different strategies.

2. Dedicate time to it. Study it. All the tools for success are available. Research completed listings.

3. Be an individual. Don`t listen to others who try to undermine what you are trying to acheive. Think positively.

4. Offer great customer sevice. Bend over backwards to please your customers, even if it seems unfair!

5. List more items. Its a numbers game. The more items you list, the more you`ll sell.

Hope the above tips are as useful to you as they are for me.



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