How to save cash on you credit card the easy way.

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Hello people,

If you're paying interest on your credit cards, get up off your backside and sort it out. Savings in the thousands are possible and there's a special 'no-hassle' solution too.

Do you have credit or store card debts? Shifting them to a new ‘balance transfer’ card can save you £100s or £1,000s. This daily updated step-by-step guide compares the best buy 0% and long term offers, takes you through choosing a deal and shows how to avoid nasty tricks. Some people actualy sell this infomation on eBay. I found it and I hope I can help you save a few Quid. Please read my upcoming guides for more money saving tips.

What is a balance transfer?
Choosing the right deal
Best Buys: The cheapest long term deals
Best Buys: The top 0% deals
Best Buys: Poorer credit scorers
Never spend on a balance transfer card
Balance transfer Q&As

I swear by this consumer revenge site, I saved £630 in interest just my switching my balance and it couldnt be simpler.   No catch folks, It's a consumer site run by Martin Lewis from GMTV. Good luck and please vote for this guide if you found it helpfull. Use the link below to save some CASH. Close the gap between the dot and com. or Google moneysavingexpert.

moneysavingexpert. com/cards/balance-transfer-credit-cards

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