How to select a screw peg

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When choosing a screw peg

firstly think about your battery drill some people sell big pegs these can flatten your battery before your awning is up been there done that blah blah  and reverse how many will you leave at the campsite because drill died when packing up done that to

then think about your awning do you want metal washers rubbing on your ladders or rubbers NOT ME

Look at the thread on the pegs these are what grip not the length or width ideally you want the thread wider than the screw shank

the ground you expect to be using

Then think about material yellow passivated which some sell is now

considered a material of concern

has been banned on cars in Europe since 2007

ie known carcinogen

known mutagen

and does not bio-degrade (ever)

this actually can come of in your hands so do wash after touching or wear gloves

every time you insert one in the ground you leave some Hexavalient chrome behind 

we have now swapped to zinc and clear passivate (chrome v1) free

even our old supplier has deemed the old screws not for exterior use

 then look at

weight screw pegs might look good but if your back packing hmm yep ive met him and he still bought some

common sense you think hmm we tested probably 20 differant screw threads


obvious one cost

check on returns

check feedback thats why its there and  its your cash


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