How to select and Buy Vintage French Linens

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I would like to point out the colour of the linens we picked and why.<p>

Natural ,unused Linen come in yellow,beige,pale straw,light brown colour,and sometimes white for Le fil quality etc...but it is rare.<p>

why selecting fabric and textile in their original colour,unbleached.cause for us it prove the linen is in exceptional condition and that all his qualities were well kept.<p>

It also guarantee us the linen will weight a minimum on 1,8 kg which is 3,9 LBS ,that it has not been washed aggressively by someone during years,that it was not sent to a dry cleaner who used chemical to clean it and they often end up feeling like polyester sheets.<P>

They won't  feel cool to the touch ,they won't be resilient,but again I think some people like buying used sheets that feel like polyester cotton,so it is hope to you ,if you want a pure original linen or something that used to be one!(a long time ago...)<P>

so I will advice you to ask the weight of the linen you are purchasing,this is many cases will give you a good idea of what's left inside.<P>If a large and long linen weight only 1,4 kg which is 3 lbs ( for example I won't buy a linen who weight 3 lbs) ,there is strong chances it will feel like cotton or that the linen has lost most of his qualities,or that some thinnings will appear shortly,not sure in all cases cause some people really care for them and wash them well,but most of them don't,that is why we like to sell and set up buy it now for some very hard to find and rare merchandise .<P>I rarely set up bid as I don't want sell a  metis sheet ( a linen and cotton mixed ) for $200.
We pick 5-10 % of what's left,we rarely buy Linens by set to avoid selling articles we don't like ,so we hardly select them.<P>

we do not use selling advertising like vendio or andale for our auctions and like to see a free design ,free of banners etc....for your pleasure and ours!<P>
I hope this will be helpful and that you will appreciate the help we can be in choosing your seller and vintage linens.
Also we have seen many what sellers called "antique rolls of linen and hemp" being nothing else that new fabrics made in eastern country by I don't know who,their weave and texture looks old but it was made for that purpose,they do not ,in any ways ,equal to the quality of original unused French linen or hemp fabrics.<p>They
are not resilient,they are not cool to the touch,they have no character and won't last! I wont point any sellers on ebay,I let you think and decide by yourself.And yes I truly thinks in the long or short term they will affect and break the vintage Linen market,if it is not done already!  ,,selling new fabric for antique or vintage ones....<p>
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