How to select the best Corset size

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Victorian Steampunk Gothic Corset 

Important: How to measure and choose the right size?


        You should know that normally, your corset size is going to be smaller than the size you use for pants, but this depends on how fitted you want to be in your corset and how wide you want the opening at the back and you should consider how much compression/constriction you can handle if you've never worn corsetry before. One of the most important measurements you can take is the waist.. here's how to measure.       
BUST: Measure under your arms, around the fullest part of your bust.    
WAIST: Measure around your natural waistline, being the smallest part.
Hips: Measure around the fullest part 


Corsets should be ordered 2-6 inches below your natural waist measurement, depending on the desired effect. If you are tiny, then your waist will not compress as easily, nor as far, as a person who is larger. (The larger we are, the more we squish!) A good rule of thumb would be to order a corset 4 inches smaller than your current waist size, if you measure at 32" or less. If your waist size is 34" or higher, then you should order your corset at least 6" smaller.
        For example: A person whose natural waist size is 28 inches should order a corset of size 24 inches, and could wear the garment semi closed at the back giving a 2 inch reduction, or fully closed giving a 4 inch reduction. All corsets should be comfortable to wear. Do not lace your corset too tightly during the first few weeks of wear – your new garment should be ‘broken in’, whereby the fabric is allowed to take the strain evenly and the corset adjusts to your body shape – and your body similarly adjusts to the compression.
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