How to select the right garage floor finish.

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Klikflor Garage flooring in a chequer flag design
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Klikflor Garage flooring in a chequer flag design

With such a variety of options which type of floor finish should I select?

OK, as the manufacturer of Klikflor interlocking floor tiles I freely admit to being bias towards pvc interlocking floor tiles but after 20 years manufacturing, fitting, maintaining and using the tiles I think I have an opinion that is worth publishing.
What Options are available and what the the Pro's & Con's of each?
PVc Interlocking Floor Tiles - Flexible PVc interlocking floor tiles have been in use within factories, engineering facilities and warehouses for over 30 years but it has only been recently that they have become a price competitive option for the domestic garage flooring market. The tiles have been designed to cope with fork lift trucks with high point loading and heavy traffic, they are used in areas where there are heavy loads and the risk of impact damage to protect both the floor and the products that are being manufactured. Domestic and commercial garage applications could be defined as a light duty application for the tiles.
  • Pro's - Tough, very durable, smart, warmer to work on, help to significantly reduce concrete dust, simple to install, flexible layout and easy to lift, change design or take with you if you move. Very impact resistant, will help protect components from damage is dropped, smart modern appearance, reduces nice / quieter work environment.
  • Con's - Usually more expensive than other options, the lighter colours can be stained by car tyres (stick with the graphite, black or dark grey for where the car tyres will sit)
Floor Paint - There are a huge variety of floor paints available and the expression "you get what you pay for" is very true as far as paint is concerned. The success of paint is also dependent on the quality of the substrate (the existing floor) . 
  • Pro's - Cheap, relatively quick subject to how many coats you apply and what the drying time is.
  • Con's - Not very hard wearing, even a good paint application will only be microns thick. Paint doesn't react well with car tyres, park hot tyres on paint and the paint will possibly stick to the tyres and delaminate from the concrete. Hard, cold, won't stop dust, not flexible, once applied you are stuck with it and the design
Resin & Screeds - Can vary from 500 microns thick to 5 or 10mm thick. As said above another example of you get what you pay for. Quality and durability once again dependent on the quality of the substrate (the existing floor) . 
Pro's - Hard wearing, decorative options available.
Con's - Hard, cold, won't stop dust, not flexible, once applied you are stuck with it and the design
Rigid Plastic Tiles - Over recent years I have seen a growing number of rigid plastic interlocking floor tiles appearing on the market. The concept of the hard polyprop tile comes from our friends across the water in the USA. The hard tiles are more suited to hot climates and more modern building with smooth level floors.
  • Pro's - Lower cost than plc interlocking floor tiles, quick to install, flexible, take them with you if you move.
  • Con's - Hard plastic, not nice to work on, brittle at cold temperature, difficult to cut, noisy (rattle / don't follow the contours of the floor)
Soft Expanded Polyurethane Interlocking Floor Tiles - Ahhhhhhh... my pet hate, I can't help but let my frustration come to the fore when company's promote their soft polyurethane tiles as suitable for a garage. I can't even start to count the number of customers I have who have come to buy Klikflor only after having been burned first with soft expanded polyurethane tiles that they have been told are suited for a garage. They may well be fine for a kids play area but if you plan to drive a car on them forget it in my opinion.
Roll Out Garage Floor Mats - Not I understand what the point of these are, if you want a mat to just cover the floor do what our parents did and just use the left over carpet most of us have in our lofts!!!
Ceramic Floor Tiles - Great option but usually very expensive, time consuming to install, prone to damage from dropped tools and equipment
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