How to sell web hosting

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Many people try (and fail) to sell web hosting, and very few succeed. This guide is to help you succeed in selling it yourself.
There are a few things that are important if you want to succeed, all of which are easy to get:

~ A reliable host - you cant sell hosting if your provider will just vanish, you need someone you can trust. Our hosting products are all safe and reliable, and so are many others.

~ An understanding for your customers - If you aren't kind and polite to your customers at all times, they will leave. Avoid words like lol and other slang at all times.

~ A client control system - it is important for you to have a support and billing system for your clients, it will make you look professional, keep your clients happy, and allow you to track and answer support very easily. An example of a system that does this is ClientEXEC (.com) , licenses for which we are selling at nearly half the RRP (see our store)

Next, you need to go about setting up your hosting company. There are several ways to do this, but we think this is the easiest of them:

1 - Choose a name for your company. This is the most important thing, and it must be free on both eBay and a domain - ie .com . We selected cmxtserver for our company name.

2 - Buy a domain. Fairly easy, a good place to go is Godaddy, they have excellent prices.

3 - Build a website, and get a client management system. Your company wont look complete if you dont have a flashy website. Use a template if you cant make your own, but avoid it if possible.

4 - Get hosting. Look for reliable sellers that have been online for a long time, dont always go for the best price. Then install your site to your hosting.

5 - Change your eBay username to your company name.

6 - Start producting listings. Auctiva is a good selling system for this.

7 - Start selling! - Remember - the customer is king. If they want something, do your best to get it!

Have fun, and good luck!
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