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How you send dumbells weighing 25kg by UPS for only £8.12

The first item i wanted to sell on eBay when i signed up was some dumbells, weighing in at a very nice 25kg.
So first things first, before i listed i wanted to find out how much postage would cost so could sell to more people, not just "local pick up only"

Dragged them down to my local postoffice and nearly broke the scales, the very nice and polite lady smiled and said "how fast do you want delivery", i replied "the cheapest possible", that would be £34 please.
Not a chance, how could i ask that for delivery. Who would pay it?
I found here on eBay some one selling the exact same dumbells with delivery only £9.99!!, well if they can do it, why can't I.

Spent a bit of time googling for courior companys, went to DHL homepage for qoute £21.99, Fedex homepage just as bad. Then i found you can get courior brokers, like insurance brokers. Because they place so many orders with all the large courior firms they get a better price so is passed onto us.
I would like to make it clear i don't work for them but have used a single courior broker called www.interparcel,com ever since then. My dumbells were £8.12 to send using UPS.
You can pay with paypal (2% surcharge), put in youre weight and dimensions, the next page will show all the different companies prices and choose from, 24hr to 48 delivery etc. Then just follow the onscreen instructions, they will come and collect from youre home address, work address where ever you want. It is an allday collection, but you can now sell to the whole country, and offer a good delivery charge.
When checking out delivery costs please note that northern ireland and the scottish isle are not included within uk delivery cost. Add about £5 to the price you get for UK delivery and you won't go far wrong for the price to send to northern Ireland etc.

I suppose i should say that there are many other companys offering a similiar service, but i will now only use
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