How to set all the hands on a TAG Heuer Chronograph ETA 251.262

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How to-manual to set the time, date and set all the hands on a TAG Heuer Chronograph Quartz with an ETA 251.262 movement.

This is a "How to" manual that includes (re) setting the chronograph registers back to twelve and zero, the long hands to zero, setting the date, setting the time and hack the seconds hand.
Please view the video, and if it all goes a little bit too fast, just pause it or go back a section, the total time is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
Watch used in the video is a TAG Heuer 6000 Chronograph Quartz Full size man CH1112, but this will work with any watch, also from other brands, that has the famous ETA 251.262 Quartz movement.
You can identify your movement by looking at the number that is engraved close to the place where the battery is installed, you should see the ETA brand mark with the number 251.262 on it.
If your watch is not behaving as the one that is in the video, there might be an issue with it, please visit your Authorized Dealer for looking into that.
More "How to" manuals will be uploaded soon, thanks for watching and best regards;
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