How to set up a USB Microphone

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Well done on purchasing your first USB microphone. There are many good and bad ones out there, for this guide I'll be showing you how to set up the Editors Keys Studio Series SL150 USB Microphone, one of the best available on the market.


Important Set Up:

Installing the SL150 USB Microphone on your Mac or PC is really simple. Plug it in and it's done! Quickest guide ever huh!

Well there are a couple of more steps you can do to make sure everything is working correctly.

On a PC - Simply go to Start (Windows 7 and Lower) or your Charms menu (Windows 8.) Control Panel > Hardware and Sound. Then click manage audio devices. From here select the SL150 microphone as your input device and a recording level of around 60%-70%. Then from your recording software make sure that the SL150 is selected as your input device. You're good to go! Happy recording.

On a Mac - Simply go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and select the SL150. When you open up the recording software of your choice, make sure the SL150 is selected as the input microphone and again select a good recording level of around 60%-80%.















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