How to set up spur gear and cluch bell mesh on RC model

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How to set up spur gear and cluch bell mesh

First fit the gears and check they are in line and are using the full width of the gears

Next take a strip of paper and feed it through the gears turning them by hand.
When the paper is between the gears it should not be possible to remove it without turning the gears, if you can the mesh is too loose

the paper should come out the other side of the gears looking like this ^^^^^ if it has holes in it then the mesh it to tight

Adjust the mesh if necessary and test with paper again
The mesh needs to be tight but not too tight.
Repeat until mesh is correct.

Now remove the mount screws one at a time and lock tight them back in.

Test again with paper, If all ok then the mesh is set and ready for use.

Recheck after EVERY tank of fuel with paper and that all bolts are tight.



( heavy duty bells are NOT hardened!)

The Vented 16 and 17 tooth clutch bells I sell ARE suitable for use with a metal spur gear.

NOTE- You cant use a clutch bell bigger than 16 tooth with a 52 tooth spur gear as they will NOT fit.

I hope this makes sense and is helpful
If you need more advise please ask me I am happy to help.

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