How to shopping on Ebay during CNY

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          Spring Festvial

The traditional Chinese calendar is after the solar calendar. Western or most countries spend the new year on 1.1 OF the solar calenda, But we spend it on 1.1 of the Traditional chinese calendar. So when you want to buy some during the special days, please take some attentions hereby.

Generally for common products

1.Communicate with the seller

  If HE/SHE could reply your during <16 hours(because of the different time), it means it is the serious seller.

2. Ask the shipping date

 If HE/SHE could answer the exact date and you can acceptable, it means the order can be placed.

Specially for fur/leather products

As the dying factories would be closed much earlier, Jan, 10  latest, So some one will buy the raw materials to be dyed for stock, then any order will be produced soon, whenever the material run out, the products will be sold out as well.

So take a note for this will save you a lot time or money.

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