How to shorten shoelaces

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Do you need to shorten a pair of shoe/boot laces? Here is a quick guide on how to shorten shoelaces using an  Aglet Repair Kit .
You will need:

Bowl (capable of holding boiling water)
Aglet Repair Kit
Felt Tip Pen


1. Fill the kettle and set it to boil

2. Measure length of shoelace required using rule and mark the desired length (including that needed for the tip) on the new shoelace using the felt tip pen

3. Thread the shoelace through one of the new Aglets until the mark made previously sits on the outside of the new Aglet

4. When the kettle has boiled, pour some water into the bowl and then dangle the shoelace and new Aglet into the water for approximately 60 seconds

5. The new Aglet will shrink onto the lace, then use the scissors to cut the protruding end off of the shoelace

6. Finished!

Health and Safety Disclaimer: We accept no responsibility for any accidents or injury caused when following these instructions. They are only intended for use by responsible adults!

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