How to sort your closet to make the most of your clothes

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I am a relatively tidy person and I love keeping a tidy wardrobe. More than anything, I hate having cluttered clothes, and not knowing what I own. You won't look in my wardrobe and find items with the tags still on - I bought those clothes because I want to wear them!!

Living in the UK, it's nice to be able to be a little seasonal with my wardrobe - I swap in and out clothes to cupboard storage during the changes of season. Partly because I don't have a massive wardrobe, and partly because it helps me to remember lost gems!

My wardrobe itself is sorted by item - from sleeveless to full length casual tops, then going out tops. On to the daytime dresses through to black's crazy how much time this saves when getting ready for your day!

I also regularly go through ALL of my clothes and make sure anything I haven't worn in the last 12 months get's either taken to a charity shop, sold on eBay or put into view in my wardrobe (sometimes you just don't see those tiny going out tops that get hidden amongst all of the material!!) so nothing goes to waste.

FTC - I am a BzzAgent so have been asked to write a guide to help other eBay users!
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