How to spot Benefit Fakes on Ebay

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I was recently conned by buying Benefit fakes on Ebay. The price  of the Erase Paste was 'just too good to be true' and the seller had 100% feedback. I was told they were coming direct from the manufacturer and would take about 10 days. Sure enough they arrived  and my first thought was 'China'- Benefit does not come from China- it should come from San Fransisco and as I found out later Benefit does not supply wholesale to Ebay sellers. When I compared the box with my REAL samples the colours looked the same but inside the leaflet was poor quality and not folded neatly,- it was also folded inside out. Furthermore the label on the base where it said 'peel here' would not peel- the 2 bits of the label were glued together- this was the case in the 3 samples I looked at. When I contacted the seller she denied knowing they were fakes and returning the item was not a problem. So if you see boxes of Erase paste at under £10 take it to your local Boots or store and get it verified.The cheapest I can buy it from my reliable seller in the US is about $16 but with that price I cannot compete or make any profit.
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