How to spot FAKE Bape, A Bathing Ape, Baby Milo.

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There are many people selling fake Bape items on eBay, I have gathered some information that will help you to spot the difference from real to fake.

If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is, Bape hoodies retail at a price ranging from £250+

1. Bape does not produce hoodies over size: XXL. Real hoodies don't go over XXL. Although some shirt tags that are XXL list out untill XXXL there is no such thing. hoodies only come in a XXL for the the largest size so don't be fooled.

2. All bapes, except baby milos have a silver zipper. You should not able too see the zipper due to the fabric covering it. Recently there have been fakes with silver zippers. They should say YKK on the back.

3. The material used should be the highest quality, no faded colours, and nothing should look dull, there also shouldnt be any stiching hanging off, everything on the hoody should be stitched tightly.

4. Bape hoodies have two tags, one with the picture of the Bape monkey and one that is square with the Bape camo design. They should be attached to the hoody with a leather type string, tags attached with plastic are fake. Fake tags are also faded and look dull.

5.  Hoodies with diamonds, ie: the hoodies with "BAPE" across the chest have the diamonds on the actual letter. The fake ones have the diamonds around the letters. Also wrting on the real one is right in the center of the hoody, on the fake ones the writing is crooked. Look closely at the pictures below. Notice how the quality on the fake hoody is lower than the quality on the real hoody.

6. On the real hoodies from the neck to the armpits, the knitting should be diagonal, But this doesn’t apply to some other hoodies with not as much design all over the hoody like the shark and chomper (Bape Kaws) and some Bape hoodies. Look closely at the pictures of real hoodies below and notice how the stitching from the neck to the armpit is diagonal.

Now take a look at the fake hoodies and notice how the stitching is not knitted like the real ones, the stitching goes from the shoulder to the armpit.

7. Look at the other items the seller has listed, if a seller sells one item that is not authentic is likely that his other items will not be authentic.

8. On the tag of the baby milo hoodies on the left hand sleeve, the inside of the tag should read baby milo, and milo is written in red and pink stripes.

Thank you for reading, I hope that this guide helps you when buying Bape clothing on eBay.
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