How to spot a Fake Lacoste Polo....THE SECRETS

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Welcome to this guide on spotting fake Lacoste polo's on eBay!

Obviously you don't want a fake, here are some tips that will help you spot fakes in an instant- and hopefully a better buyer!


. Check the label... It should say LACOSTE in caps very crisp, and a deep black.

. The 'croc' on the label should definitely look like a 'crocodile' - fakes often look like a chicken! It is usually a deep but matte green. Any other, apart from silver/white, is fake or "IZOD" Lacoste, a brand which is known as a classic but separate and folded a while ago..

. The buttons should be mother of pearl.... (kinda changes colour in different angled light) there should only be 2 BUTTONS in total!

. There should only be 2 BUTTONS in total! They will also have only 2 holes!

. The material croc is on the left breast and is facing outward.

. The material 'croc' is stitched on with a thin transparent wire.

. The 'croc' should be between the beginning of the opening on the polo (the placket) and the first button.

. There should be no writing near, or in the material Lacoste crocodile on the front or on the buttons for that matter!

. On the washing instructions....there should be...somewhere..writing of DEVANLAY or BASI.SA - this is the manufacturer

. Have a European size number, for example: 4 (small), 5 (medium), and so forth.

. The classic Lacoste polos are 100% cotton.

. Have an open hem at the bottom of the shirt, this is like a very clean "V" at each side. The "V" is around an inch deep.

// Please don't waste your time looking at codes on the tag....or even looking at the tag ... these are easily copied and replicated to look extremely realistic! Stick to the points made above!


But to be super sure...... check the price is it ridiculously under priced?
Did they buy it from a Lacoste shop? (I'd advise you to buy it there for top security)
Check there past comments/reputation... Is it positive?.... any mention of FAKE ?

Hopefully this short, simple guide should help you find the best deals which are real !!! 

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