How to spot a Fake, Replica HDJ 1000

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If you're ever in doubt that the pair of HDJ-1000 headphones you're about to buy are the real thing  here is a quick check list that will give you comfort that you're getting one of the best pair of headphones around?

Check the Logo: The letter "o" in our logo is always a perfect oval, just like in the picture below. If your headphones have a round "o" they're most likely a replica.

Check the hinges: Pioneer's are always silver, as shown below. Black hinges mean fake.


Check the black headband section: it must extend all the way to towards the hinges. Fake copies have a black headband that extends only a very short way down.The Headband is not as padded as the real ones.

Sound Quality: Obviously isnt as good as the real thing although the sound is allright.

For Images of Fakes visit:

If you need any further advice or help, contact your nearest authorized dealer or call your local Pioneer office.

Good luck and enjoy your real set of headphones!
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