How to spot a fake D&G Watch

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Buying on eBay is made very hard these days with the amount of replica goods that are rearing their ugly head nowadays. But this guide goes for as much for eBay as well as other sites that are out there selling replica goods.

This guide might help someone not be taken in by buying a fake D&G watch or the full brand name Dolce & Gabbana.

Luckily it is very difficult to make a good fake of a D&G watch as they are very intricate watches and the time and effort that is made to make them is most certainly not put in when making a replica watch. Hence why the real thing is twice the price.  Remember if it looks to good to be true then it IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

If you are in the market for a D&G watch and want to proceed looking for one on eBay then here are a few tips to follow:-

*Make sure that the metal if buying a gold coloured D&G watch is of a pale colour Gold (I will show you on a picture       further down) If the gold is a very yellow gold then it is fake

*Try and ask for some photos close up of the dial as the stones that are inset on some D&G watches are spaced out and       misplaced positions which usually tells you it's a fake. Shown on a fake D&G in pictures below, in the D there seems to   be an odd pattern of stones with a few missed out!

*Usually on a gold D&G watch which I am using for this guide the D&G inside the dial may be red with inset stones or  even gold with inset stones - it can  sometimes be inset with stones as well. 

*Ask for some close-ups to the back of the watch - the back should have the D&G and various markings quite visible -  you will be able to spot a fake when the markings on the back of the watch are very faint and barely visible.  Sometimes  you will have back spelt on a fake (on the back) and this will usually be spelt back to front.

*A fake D&G watch will have quite big stones inset round the outside of the dial - on a real D&G watch these stones will  be quite small and lots of them all the way round. (see pictures below)

Don't panic if you have bought a D&G watch and you are worried it is a fake - here are some simple tips on how to tell:-

*Check the stones inset of the dial face they should all be clustered nicely in perfect precision to each other and lots of  them.

*Funny as it may sound but jangle the watch slightly to your ear a fake will sound tinny and loose. Usually an effect from  the cheap metal that is used.

*Are the stones around the dial a tight fit? Have some come loose or look like they may do. A fake will loose its stones  very easy. The stones will not look quite right and will be hapazardly put in. 

*A big give away is - Does the watch tick? If it ticks it is most definatley a fake. A real D&G watch does not have a  ticking sound but silent second hand. 

I do hope this guide has been helpful for you - do not get stung - it is such an awful feeling when that lovely watch turns out to be fake and your left feeling deflated by the whole experience.  Also remember most D&G watches are very expensive to buy so if you see a watch and it is rather cheap then always remember - If it looks to good to be true it most probably is.  

Real D&G watch - note the colour and stones
around the outside of the watch and inside dial
This watch is a fake - note the colour and the 
stones inside & outside of the watch face
Fake D&G watch back - I struggled even to get a faint picture
of the writing on the back of this watch 
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