How to spot a fake Marc Jacobs

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As a Marc Jacobs fan and collector, I was horrified to see that although Ebay are trying to cut down on fake and replica designer items, there are still so many being sold!
When Ebay first started, at least sellers of fake items would either state the item as "in the style of" or simply admit to it being a fake.  Now, to avoid being caught by Ebay and having their listings removed, these counterfeit goods sellers are stating that the items are authentic and even selling them at authentic prices! YUK!

In this guide, I will focus mainly on Marc Jacobs accessories, simply as I do not have enough knowledge and experience with the clothing.  However, one piece of advice on the clothing: when a "Marc Jacobs" coat that usually retails for £800, is £50 and is being sent from China, please do not think you have just got yourself a great is definately a fake!

  Example 1: Now this wallet looks fine until you take a look at the dustbag.  The logo on the dustbag is completely different from the actual Marc Jacobs logo.

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