How to spot a fake Pokemon card.......

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After the increasing number of FAKE  Pokemon cards I have received recently I have decided to warn potential buyers.  Firstly, let me say I have been a Pokemon fan/collector/trader since the very beginning.  Here are the things to look out for which will ALWAYS mean the card is fake. The card will show one or many of the signs below:

Look out for FADED backs to the cards.  Fakes will always be very dark or very pale.  Compare them with cards you know not to be fake.  The image will not be centered properly and the card cut badly with thin margins.  The card will be flimsy compared to genuine cards.  The writing may be blurred,  spelling errors, abnormally high HP.   The texture (apart from the new full art cards) will seem strange.  With foil (full) only the character should be foiled.  With reverses only the card minus the character part should be foiled - not all over!  Cards from China are copies!  Not authentic authorized cards and without value.  Look for abnormalities in the images themselves and discoloration in the picture.  Some fakes are easier to spot than others.  PLEASE BEWARE AS THERE ARE A LOT OF FAKES  AROUND.   I hope this helps you being scammed by these rip off merchants!

Also folks........ so many sellers are selling booster packs which have been weighed and mapped.  Im not sure how they do this but i know it is going on.  Ever wondered why you have never pulled anything good from booster packets?  Recently I purchased 10 packs from a seller and not one full holofoil among the lot of them!  All reverses! Mosgt of them were trainers as well.  A total waste of money and no chance of getting the good holofoils, secret rares, GX, EX, Full Arts etc - why?  because the majority of these sellers have already opened THOSE packs from the booster box they bought! And guess whos paying for them getting  ALL the good cards?  We are of course! Notice how most of these sellers are also selling INDIVIDUAL foils?!!!!!!!

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