How to spot a fake Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

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How to spot if you have a FAKE Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

With fakes the differences are slight and often missed. Some sellers will fob you off and say they sell cards from a different region or country so the packaging may differ. Hopefully this will help you to spot a fake and avoid it!

The one on the left is real the one on the right is fake. At the bottom, the fake 4gb memory card packaging has the product code MSX-M4GST/X, the real deal does not include the T.

The original has staple shaped heat pressed seals along the left, top and right  - the fake one has round seals.

On the back of the memory cards, the real one has an italic S at the end of the first line, the fake does not.

Insert the memory stick in your PSP and if the memory card actually works, go to Memory card > press triangle for information.
If you have a genuine Sony memory card it will display ‘ MagicGate Supported’, if it shows unknown or unsupported you have got a fake.

If you have bought a fake contact the seller immediately and ask for a refund. If they refuse you have a case for opening a paypal claim against fake goods.

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