How to spot a fake ds game

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Hi I recently had the frustrating experience of purchasing a couple of fake ds games and I want to share what I learned from the experience.

1. even new and factory sealed games can be fake! these have usually been imported by the seller.
2. New Nintendo genuine games come in a clear box so if your new game is in a black box then beware.
3. The fake game cartridges usually have the wrong image on them this is sometimes taken from the game box. check yours against others that are listed Animal crossing is a good example of this.
3. All Nintendo genuine cartridges have a code printed on the back in black ink, This can rub off with an old well loved game but a ghost of the code will remain and can be seen.
4. The plastic that fake cartridges are made from is not the same as genuine nintendo games so compare them.
5. ASK the seller if the game is GENUINE!! If the listing doesn't say it is then nine times out of ten it won't be.
6. Cheep brand new games are nearly always fakes, these games may work fine for a couple of weeks or months but they will fail, they are cheep because they are made of substandard materials!!

We buy nintendo because they produce great games, don't be part of the rip off society, protect yourself and Nintendo always report fake games that you buy and you see listed.
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