How to spot a fake spell

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Ebay has become a platform for many wiccans to pass on their knowledge and help people new and old to the religion be able to purchase hard to find ingredients,tools and the spells themselves. But how do you manage to find the true wiccans from the fakes?

First off it's not an easy task to do so. Many sellers can talk the talk very well and sell a spell that they've copied freely off the internet. But there are steps you can take to limit your exposure to fraudsters.

1. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. If you're about to purchase a miracle spell for breast enlargement or a well endowed tackle, think about this, it's unlikely a genuine wicca will allow themselves to even attempt such a request to the gods and elements. If you go for this kind of spell see if they are telling you what is included, sure spells such as these can work but it's usually been combined with science and do it yourself kits which often include exercises targeting the area. The spell itself is designed more to give you confidence,while the lotions and potions supplied are the trick to increasing size. So check carefully to see what is enclosed.

2. Black magic is a powerful tool and is often not sold by white witches. That does not mean the sellers dealing in black magic are fake, it simply means that they do not care about the karma that may come back to them or they have a very strong protection spell. Black Magic contray to popular belief is not all for evil, many of it's purposes can be for good. Just be careful of what you buy. Any genuine magick maker will be glad to answer any questions you have before you purchase magic of this nature.

3. What speciality of magic is the seller saying they are? I have my strongest bond formed in elemental magic, many witches have a special bond with magic, many in white, green or indeed black. If the seller is not revealing this it does not mean they are fake, it's just nice to find out so do feel free to ask them.

4. Just because someone does not belong to a coven does not mean they are any less a witch. Many practice solo magic as it can often form a stronger bond.

5. How much are they charging? Witchcraft of any kind drains a lot of energy, especially spells cast on certain days and phases of the moon, and we do charge for this but that should never mean charging something such as £20 for a 20p item, check the item,is it worth the price? bearing in mind that many spellcaster will add a £5-10 charge for their energy used so be lenient there. I may only charge a minimal but then many of my spells are sold to you to perform the spell yourself with my guidance so you need to weigh up not just the item but the spell and time too.

6. Any wiccan will be glad to help you throughout and after the transaction. We all remember our first time using a new tool, starting out or testing a new spell, it can be nervous and it can be trying. We are  here to help, always ask questions.

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