How to spot a liar

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Follow these clues to see if your nearest and dearest is telling the truth

No eye contact. The eyes will always look away. If they can focus on one thing thats where the liar will look.

Crossing of arms and legs. That is a protective instinct

The pupils will narrow, lying is stressful.

Hands on face around the mouth and nose. They will not want you to see them lie they are trying to cover it.

Talking fast a liar wants to get it over and done with.

Moving the head in a nodding motion when answering no to a question. This is a sub concious movement.

Mispronouncing words or mumbling.

Over friendliness laughing. They want you to belive and they want you to like them so you will believe.

Whys to avoid people lying to you

Sit in a slightly higher chair. This is a subtle form of intimidation.

Lay back have open body language. This makes you look open to the truth.

Never let them know that you know they are lying.


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