How to spot a scammer before buying on Ebay

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Hi,Just a quick note to anyone who will find this useful,just recently my friend and i have been scammed by buying a too good a bargain.Please check your buyer out first before you commit to letting go of your hard earned cash.I normally sell alot on ebay and dont buy too often so even i got caught out,i recently bought an iphone for a good price,later on that day i messaged the seller as to when it would be posted to no joy with a response.I checked the sellers feedback and selected the items the seller had for sale.I clicked the completed items catergory (this can be found on the left hand side of your screen ) and guess what.The seller had sold the same item 5 times that day alone.Too late to inform ebay even they are not that quick to spot what was happening.The only trouble is that the seller had got 5 working days for postage.Try to put a dispute in all it says is wait till the delivery date passes.This is not good enough and the seller can cream thousands off people before they are stopped.To speed things up go to paypal and open the dispute there it can be done,its a bit frustrating but you will be able to do it.Yes the seller gets struck off but you have to wait upto a month to get your money back doing it the ebay way.Do it the paypal way and it should take 10 days.Its better than nowt.Ebay needs to speed up its reaction time due to these scammers,we have to speed up and report asap together we can stop them,times are hard and people are desperate so its always going to happen.Be aware of this scam and just take a moment to check like i now do.Hope this helps please respond to the queation and rate this,happy ebaying thanks damien.
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