How to spot fake Designer Sunglasses

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So many people are purchasing designer fake goods on eBay, that eBay itslef cant seem to catch them all. Well i am here to give you a few good tips on "How to spot a Fake"

.Model numbers

First and foremost all Sunglasses manufacturers give thier sunglasses specific medel numbers. You should be always be able to ask the selller the model number of the frame, and they should be able to give you that information.

.Colour codes

Also colour codes are given to sunglasses as well. Yb7 for example is the code for Silver and 807 is the code for Black.

.Warrenty manufacture card

A few other tips are that the product should come withe the manufacturers warrenty card.

Most people on ebay do sell genuine products, but there are many many more fakes. Anthing usually coming from Japan, China, Thailand etc are usually fake.
Buyers should beware of all sunglasses sold as DG Eyewear these are very poor chinese copies.

I hope this helps if you have any questions about some sunglasses please feel free to email me.
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