How to spot fake MAC Eyeshadows!! Hope this helps!!

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How to tell the difference...

The fake is slightly smaller than the genuine.
The lid on the fake is more dome shaped. The plastic window is also slightly raised more.

The font is thicker and darker
The sticker on the bottom of the fake is more darker & glossy and the writing is bolder. The sticker also states 02 which genuine Mac don't have.
On the fake, the lid opens at a 90 degree angle, the genuine lid goes further back.
The pot where the pan is contained is different in shape. On the genuine pot the pan is contained in a dip where as on the fake , the pan is raised.
On the bottom of the fake their is a compartment containing a mirror and applicator....fake mac eyeshadows do not come with this compartment nor has mac ever released an eyeshadow that comes with an applicator.
The key points to remember when buying these eyeshadows online other than on  Mac's original website is :-
Mac call their shades by names, they will never have a number!
There is no 2nd compartment!
There is no mirror or applicator

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