How to spot fake Monster Dr Dre Beats Studios!

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Firstly I would like to add that this is a guide only for Dr Dre Beats Studios with Monster Branding. The Revised Edition of the original studios (2012/2013 without Monster Branding) & the new Studios (2nd edition) which have recently been released do not apply to these guidelines. You can find many videos on youtube that will help you with this but be sure to follow this guide and you won't be fooled.

The box

  • Look at the imagine of the headphones on the front of your box. The headband of the headphones should be very slightly curved rather that directly straight.
  • On a counterfeit box Dr Dre's face will be faded and darker in comparison to an authentic box. On the authentic boxes his ear is clearly seen whilst on the fake it will appear darker.
  • In some cases, the text on a fake box will appear bolder and brighter than the text on an authentic product


  • A booklet with an image of a woman on are included only with genuine pairs. This booklet presents other beats products avaliable.
  • There are rumors that the small square "Welcome to the world of Monster booklet" is not included with a genuine pair. However I cannot back this statement as I am still unsure of it myself but please be aware.
  • The airplane adaptor should be of a smooth black with afew lines at the bottom (no texture) with the connection on the side sticking out of the side. The fake one had a cross-like pattern all over and the connection on the side does not stick out.
  • The "b" on the headphone cable shouldn't be a very bright pigmentated red but more . It is difficult to compare this without the product infront of you. This is one of the last things I suggest looking out for due to it being difficult to spot.
  • If purchasing brand new, all authentic products come with two Duracell AAA batteries included.

The headhones

  • There are very few minor differences with the actual appearance of the headphones.
  • On some fake models you will notice the text on the headband maybe slightly bolder than those on a genuine pair.
  • The sound quality is one of the biggest give aways for fakes. Listen out for distortion when the volume is only up half way and overall poor sound quality.
  • On various fake models the Monster Logo on the side of the headband can be out of line.
  • The slots which expand the headband maybe alot more stiff on a fake pair or could be extremely loose.
  • Please take no notice of the serial no. inside the earcup as the majority of fakes have a serial number and it saves confusion between the Monster branded Beats Studios and the Newer Revised Beats Studios (2012/2013) which were launched after the split between Beats and Monster, as authentic pairs of this model does not include as serial number
  • Both Authentic Dr Dre Beats Studios AND Fake pairs all leak sound terribly. If yours do have a major sound leak problem do not assume they are fake. However if this is a problem and you want the sound quality of the studios I would reccomend the Pros.
Please note: Variations may apply depending on where the fakes are manufactured.

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