How to spot fake YuGiOh Trading Cards and Packs

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This guide will teach you how to spot fake yugioh cards from the real ones. I have learnt this from my experience as a yugioh card dealer and have seen many fake cards for sale on ebay so I decided to write this guide to teach people the difference.

Spotting Fakes Cards

Look for:

  • Wrong Names or Incorrect spellings e.g. ‘Cate Guardian’
  • Wrong colour backgrounds on cards
  • Different size font text on card description
  • Bad picture quality
  • Completely shiny card surface as if card is covered with a plastic film
  • On monster cards the stars on the card will look too 3-D or blurry
  • Hologram in bottom right hand corner - must be fixed exactly onto the card’s edge
  • Wrong Card number (found on the right below the picture)

Spotting Fake Booster Packs and Booster Boxes

  • Bad picture quality - image looks blurry
  • The konami logo will be the wrong way around ( top left hand corner)
  • Konami may be spelt wrong as ‘konaini’
  • The copyright holder should be Kazuki Takahashi not “Kajuri Tarahasei”
  • On booster packs the seem at the top and bottom should be arranged vertically not horizontally
  • Do not contain some of the booster specific characteristics

How to see if cards are real or fake on Ebay

  • Check sellers feedback for any negatives/neutrals for selling fake cards
  • Use the above techniques to check the photo of the card
  • Card may not be genuine if there is no picture or if the picture is blurry - If in doubt ask the seller!
  • There will be little information in the item description about the card
  • The card may be sent from Asia - where most of the fake cards are produced
  • If the price is a lot lower than you know the card is worth than it can often mean that the card is fake

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it was useful for you. You can be sure that I always sell real YuGiOh cards.

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