How to spot fake make up product? Part 2 BeneFit

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~~1) Packaging. Usually on fake Benefit products the packaging is not as good quality as that of an authentic product. Look for makeup pans and mirrors not fitting perfectly and decorative paper not folded correctly over the cardboard, as well as pans not secured into the packaging and falling out!. Also check for colours being slightly off. My fake Smokin' Eyes kit had the decorative packaging placed in the wrong direction as shown.

~~2) Peel back ingredients tab. On the back of some authentic Benefit products (and a lot of other products) there is a "peel here" tab where you should be able to easily peel back to expose ingredients lists in other languages. The tab should peel back smoothly without any resistance or tearing. If your product has a "peel here" tab on it, try and peel it back. Fake products should tear and there will be no writing underneath. This tab is on all Benefit blushers including my Dandelion blush as pictured below.

~~3) Incorrect tools. A lot of Benefit products include tools such as brushes that have a definite design and shape. When I received the fake Dandelion, the brush it included was rough on the skin and even the complete wrong colour! The bristles were bright pink instead of a gentle off-white shade. In my Smokin' Eyes kit, the double ended brush that was included was the wrong shape. One end is meant to be full and fluffy, tapering into a rounded shape. This is unlike the fake brush I received. The bristles were sparse and no tapering was present.

~~4) Bad quality makeup. Fake makeup uses the cheapest and possibly unregulated ingredients to sell off to unsuspecting customers. This is why the makeup itself will not give the same effects as the real thing. Creams and powders will probably have little pigmentation and may look very sheer on the skin. Question yourself on whether you think the quality of the makeup is worth the brand name. They will often smell different than the real thing too.

5) SPELLING ERRORS! This is something that really shocked me when I inspected my products. It was what definitively confirmed for me that I had received fake Benefit! On the back of my Dandelion box the word "like" was spelled "kike". It just shows how little care is put into these fake products, even though they can seem convincing at times! If you ever see a spelling mistake, or something as blatantly careless as this, it's probably not a legitimate product.

~~If you DO end up with fake Benefit products (or any fake products at all) here is what you should do.

1) Contact buyer and demand refund. If you suspect your makeup is fake, contact your seller immediately. Tell them you have received fake goods and that you want a refund. Most sellers are fully aware that they're selling fake products, and will oblige to send you a refund immediately just to avoid being exposed. If they argue about it and you're POSITIVE it's faulty, just keep at them until you get your money back.

2) Tell people. Awareness needs to be spread about how companies and customers are being cheated out of their money. Even look at the amount of happy customers who buy off these faulty sellers and who seem satisfied! People need to be aware that the products they have are not the real thing. And other future buyers need to be aware of the risks when buying online. So Tweet it, Facebook it and tell your friends.

3) DO NOT USE THE MAKEUP! This is the most important thing to keep in mind if you receive fake makeup. DO NOT use the products. If you do, you're putting yourself in danger. As I mentioned before, the ingredients in making fake makeup are unregulated. Absolutely anything could be in your fake products. This is why you should NOT use the makeup on your face! There have been numerous incidents of where people have taken terrible reactions and had awful break outs due to unsafe ingredients in fake makeup. Also be mindful, if the product promises SPF and you suspect it's fake, there will more than likely be no sun protection. So do not rely on it!

Obviously prevention is better than the cure and all that, so here is what you should do to stay cautious on the net when buying makeup.

1) Check any negative reviews. The main giveaway that a seller is distributing fake goods is if there is negative feedback on their site. The overall positive feedback may be as good as 95%, but as you can see, a lot of people don't notice they have fake products and will be perfectly happy. On eBay you can check the comments that were negative on the profile of the seller before you decide to buy from them. Take advantage of this and always check any negative comments. Even if one person is claiming that the makeup they received was fake, don't trust the buyer. If I had known to check this before I bought off the buyers I chose, I would have spotted the negative comments and would have known they were selling fake goods!

2) Check location. Try and stick to sellers close to where you are from. This will help for smooth transactions and make contacting each other simpler if there are any problems. Having said that, the two buyers I purchased from were based in the UK, very close to where I live. However when I noticed problems it was comforting to be able to contact them easily and get my refund back quickly.

3) Does it seem legitimate? Often if a deal seems too good to be true, it is. The best sellers to go for are people who have maybe one or two makeup items that were perhaps unwanted gifts. Other sellers to watch out for are reputable eBay shops. After this ordeal, I purchased off an Irish sample shop that buy off wholesale companies and sell on the samples for an acceptable price. These goods were perfectly legitimate and I was very satisfied with them. The suspicious sellers are ones who have vast amounts of brand name goods with exceptionally cheap prices. Always read the background story behind the seller or eBay shop and decide for yourself if it seems okay or not. Now I don't blame eBay, I love this site and I use it all the time. But some of the sellers are out to trick naive customers who just want to save a bit of money. Not only is it unfair on us, it's also unfair to Benefit and the other brands they're ripping off (I know scammers are notorious for trying to make cheap knock offs for brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown etc.) So use these tips to help you with your online purchasing expeditions. And ask yourself, are you okay with taking the risk of receiving potentially dangerous makeup for the sake of saving a bit of money? From now on I'll only buy from reputable sites and from authentic counters!

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