How to spot fake prada shoes and trainers

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There are a lot of people on ebay selling fake designer clothing. As I have been  fortunate enough to own a couple of real pairs of prada shoes and have recently been stung by fraudsters selling fakes I have decided to make a guide so that others will not fall into the same trap.

Unless the shoes are worn a realistic price for the shoes are about £60 upwards depending on design etc. Unfortunetly some fraudsters realise this also and increase their price to make it seem more real.
There are ways from telling from the photographs of the auction item is displayed.

There should be no prada logos on the top of the box and only one at one side of the box which also has the shoe model and price info. The box should be made from corregated plastic and not carboard. 

The insole should show the prada logo with "made in Italy" below the logo. The insole should be removable and underneath should show prada at the heel.

If you are buying a pair of dress shoes that have a toggle instead of laces or velcro straps then this should have the prada in text at one side only.

Other tips to avoid buying expernsive fakes would be to check the prada lines each season to see if the shoe you are bidding on exists.

I hope this guide has been beneficial and that you will enjoy the comfort and reliability of a genuine pair on your feet.

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