How to spot potential shill bidders.

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I have learned to walk away from any one that has an item listed that 'suddenly' as another bidder appear; another EBayer that has a high percentage of bids 'activity' placed with the person listing items but no feedback has been left by either party towards each other. So potentially meaning no purchases are being made?

As an example - recently I was bidding 'on an item' when another placed a stupid 'way over the odds' value bid. When I looked at the:

30-Day summary.

Total bids 41.

Items bid on 30.

Bid activity (%) with this seller 4%

So the bidder had 41 bids across all items listed buy a power seller at 4% activity? Yet, when I looked at the sellers feedback (that day & later) I could not find any user listed within its feedback listings with a user ID that could be associated with the bidders ID of S***I. So for 41 bids, bidding on 30 items with 4% activity - what is this person doing? Shill bidding?

Smacks of it does it not? What did EBay do - NOTHING.

Those that want to keep bidders ID's private - I will not bid on these as you are unable to 'protect yourself' from and detect this sort of activity.

To see what anothers persons activity is with a given bidder:

Open listing.

Click on 'bids'.

Click on the bidders ID.

Next screen then displays the data I have used today. This is actual data  on another bidder against an item I recently bid on - yes, I was 'bidded up'.

I told the seller in person (called & collected) that I had seen what their game is too - reply was, 'that is what Ebay is all about' - making a quick profit.


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