How to start a home based business on the web

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Obviously such a large and varied topic cannot be explained in full, in just one article. However it is possible to explode a few myths, point out the important steps and choices. Then I will go into a bit more detail and point you in the right direction for more information. I hope you find my guide useful. Thanks for looking.

Making money online does not have to be complicated or require an IT degree.

There are lots of misconceptions about how to make money online. For example, many believe that web sites that earn you money from home are only for the technically gifted. Certainly there are some aspects of the web which are very technical. But starting and running a profitable online business does not have to be a technical challenge. For example it can take about 10 minutes for ANYBODY to set up a functioning web site with credit card processing and order management built in! The very website that you would pay a web hosting company either a significant monthly fee or a high setup charge.

It is true that you need to know what to do before you can do it. It is also true that sometimes what to do is not always obviously apparent. However I honestly believe that if you take each stage of developing a home based web business individually, then there is no single task or topic that is beyond the comprehension of a very average, unqualified person. How can I say this? Simple, because I have done it. I have no qualifications and I am certainly not known for my intelligence!

The only problem I had with my first online money making project was that there was loads of very tiny stumbling blocks. Dozens. On there own each problem was very easily and quickly surmountable.

And I am not talking about an Ebay business. As you can see from my Ebay portfolio I sell very little on Ebay. Ebay is a great vehicle for some products and it is superb for launching a product (as I am doing at the moment) but I often hear people say that running your own Ebay business can be a bit like working for Ebay.

One step at a time starting a web based business.

But presented together there was an immense and daunting wall of impossibility. I decided to climb the wall anyway. It took me around 18 months to get my first simple web business off the ground. And I have to admit it looked quite amateur. But it MAKES MONEY. Here is the good bit! Each subsequent online, money making idea I do now takes a fraction of the time! Why? Simply because the stumbling blocks are the same every time around. So I rarely stumble any more! I want to show you every step and every stumbling block, so you can make money online. I want you to be able to get your home based web business up and running, very quickly and very cheaply. Actually it is possible, depending upon the type of online business you want, to do the whole thing and not spend a single penny! I am serious.

My most recent project, before D.I.Y. E-Commerce, was an Internet shop. It was planned, started and got its first sale all within 7 days! It is now a thriving small business in its own right. The cost to me was £2.99 for a domain name and a weeks very, very hard work. Hard quantity, not hard technical. And if I had really wanted to I could have avoided the £2.99 I spent on a domain name.

Web businesses do not have to cost much.

The other common fear about running a home based business on the web is that it is very expensive to set up. Certainly if you employ the skills of a talented web designer and a programmer to implement your online business it will cost many thousands before you even have a functioning web site, let alone your first visitor. However it might surprise you to learn that there are around a dozen high quality software systems that are given away by there makers! Not only this but anybody including YOU has access to these systems and the FREE community support they offer!

Making money online, on auto-pilot.

It is because of this that I don't think the technical side of a home based web business is the most challenging part. In fact with guidance, which I hope to give you, I don't think the technical aspects are a challenge at all. I think the challenging things about making money online are the very same things which can be challenging to a conventional off-line business. The difference being that once you have overcome the challenges of the online business you can, to a large extent, leave the business to run itself. For example I have been working on my D.I.Y. E-Commerce project, exclusively for almost a year now. I have not done any development on my other businesses that make money online. However they are still paying my wages. Nice? Even through the global economic turmoil that we are currently experiencing.

I want to show YOU how to choose YOUR online business, set it up fast, make money online and then put your income on auto pilot!

The D.I.Y. E-Commerce business guide.

Here is the process I would like to help you with. You might be surprised how little it costs. By cutting out all the middle men and Doing It Yourself, with a little guidance and support.

Occasionally I will be out of stock of the manual. I apologize if this happens when you are ready to order. This happens because I only order stock in small batches from the printer. So that I can constantly add to the manual and order a newer version. Whenever you order you will always get a very up to date manual. Anyway here is what my business kit and/or web site can help you achieve.

The steps to making money online

Online business models.

The first step of any new web business is to find an online business model that is right for you. I offer you an examination of the best online business models. Including, niche products, general retail, digital download-able products, advertising revenue, affiliate marketing and writing great articles for a living. A full unbiased examination of all the ways of making money online should help you choose the best method or combination of methods for you.

Discovering a product or service to sell.

Next you will need to discover a product or service that fits your chosen business model. And then of course you need to source or create that product or range. As an example I will show you how to find a supplier or wholesaler for your chosen range of products. Perhaps you want to source digital products for free or create your own digital products. Also I will point you in the right direction on how to create your own unique paperback range of products using your current field of expertise or interest. Or you can create professional software products for download or distribution on disc without making or buying the software yourself. Simply put I give you a brainstorming session to help you come up with a killer business idea. And then help you decide if the product or range you are thinking about is viable.

Planning your e-commerce business.

Planning is key. Knowing exactly what you need to do and in what order. Not only does planning make you more profitable it makes you more focussed so you can achieve your goals more quickly. Knowing exactly where your going and how your going to get there is essential. Plan your e-commerce business.

Web site systems

So now you have a business model and a specific product, niche range or service. You are happy that it is viable. So what next? Based on your specific choices I will help you identify the FREE web site or e-commerce system and format that is appropriate for your business model and products. Simply, What type and style of web site is best for your product(s) or idea?

Choosing the right web host - or not?

You know what your selling. You know the free software system you are going to use. Now you need a way of putting your business idea via your web site system online. The DIY E-Commerce guide will help you decide the best form of web host for you. This could be using a conventional, professional, low cost web host or it might even be hosting your very own server, from home, for FREE. I will talk you through all the options so you know the pros and cons. You will then be able to get your business online with best and lowest cost option that is right for you.

Setting up your online business.

Now there is a little bit of technical stuff. But it really is not too tough at all. I will show you how to do it, click by click, beginner to winner. In fact if you have made a simple web site before you might find my guidance a little bit patronizing. Really sorry if that is the case but by assuming everybody is a beginner nobody gets left behind. I will show you click by click how to setup the perfect web site, Shopping Cart or content management system that is just right for your new business idea. For example Zen Cart, OS Commerce or Joomla. And it will not cost you a penny for software or professional help!

How to take card payments online.

Now you have an actual business online you need to take peoples money! I will show you how to choose from the leading payment providers and accept all major credit/debit cards on your web site with NO MONTHLY CHARGES. Add a secure credit card payment handling system to your site, free, click by click, beginner to winner. On the subject of money the web can be a dangerous place. I will help you make sure that your business and your customers are secure. Here is how. Learn how to secure your web site from hackers and protect your income and your customers. Find out how to backup your business so you can restore it instantly in the event of disaster. You can be up and running within minutes in the unlikely event your web site is hacked.

Running an online web business.

So everything is done now. You have a functioning business. Then all of a sudden you get a customer!! Panic! No problem I will show you how to use your state of the art web based, business control panel that is integrated with each of the different software systems. Manage your business and look after your customers with ease, at the click of a few buttons.

The major elements of success making money on the web.

Making your business unique.

I will show you how to modify and adapt your chosen software system to give your online money making eneterprize a unique and professional appearance. It is true that my first venture did not look too hot but it is actually really simple to create a professional, unique online business. I show you how to do this with multipledifferent sytems. For example Zen Cart, OS Commerce and Joomla.

Creating and using high quality web graphics.

As part of setting up your new home based web business I will show you how to Create and add high quality graphics and photos to your web site(s). I will show you How to use the sophisticated graphics software (included on the DVDs or download-able) to make stunning and effective graphics to enhance your new business.

How to write articles for the web.

Find out how to create and add interesting articles to entice visitors and advertisers to your site(s). This part is a guide on how to write high quality web articles. You will also learn how to write effective sales copy to turn visitors into paying customers. The art of selling online. Write high quality sales copy for your products or services and maximize your sales.

How to get lots of visitors on your web site.

Probably one of the most vital topics for any Internet business is learning the simple secrets of SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - How to get thousands more visitors from Google, MSN, Yahoo and the rest for FREE! How to present your new business in a manner which encourages the search engines to send you loads of free traffic. In addition the DIY E-Commerce guide will show you how to recruit and manage your own team of affiliates who will sell your products for you! Get other web sites to send you primed, ready to buy customers and manage a team of affiliates with state of the art software for free! And also, how to write and implement effective pay per click advertising campaigns with the likes of Google Adwords. The art of implementing cost effective ppc advertising campaigns to get unlimited visitors to your web site! And just as importantly as all of this you need to know how to view and record web statistics to measure your success.

Alternative income streams for making money online.

You might also want to know how to make money online from advertisers on your site.The different ways of allowing paid for advertising on your site. And how to implement your chosen method. Maybe you want to make money selling other peoples products online and find out about how to run a store without any products at all! This can be achieved through affiliate marketing! I will show you how to setup and run customer forums, blogs and support sites for FREE! Find out how to implement multiple web sites for filtering visitors to your income earning site. And how to make these sites profitable in their own right!

The future of your web empire.

Finally I show you how to plan for the future of your new business. Planning and implementing your plan for the future in an ever changing world. How to secure your income through diversification. And the big one!! Learn the simple principle that can transform your web business from making a bit of money to making you wealthy! This really is the big one. When you realize that making money online is achievable by anyone and you read my secret, I promise you the penny will drop. You will realize how YOU can make your fortune and change your life with your new Internet business. The difference between a great business and an incredible wealth generating web empire. The manual is over 400 pages and includes so many topics. Everything you need, click by click, beginner to winner.

It has to be said because I am trying to be honest here. You can start your own business WITHOUT my guide or kit. But all the guidance, tools and ideas. Also my website offers free community support, including when you make the purchase through Ebay. Please note however that I can't give business support via Ebay only through forum. When you order your kit you will receive a username and password with the 6 DVDs and 400+ page paperback manual.

Why not click on the D.I.Y. E-Commerce picture on the right to find out a bit more.

Thanks for taking a look at my article

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