How to start out selling quickly on Ebay

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I found out about Ebay by chance last year while reading an article online.  Anyway, I signed up to see what all the fuss was about and quickly saw that anyone can make either a little or a lot of money if they really wanted to.  I quickly realised that by accepting Paypal it was easy to buy and sell things across the globe.

So, I started out selling unwanted items I had around the house.  Most of these items were new and needed to go to a good home as I wasn't really making any use of them.  If I recall, it was around Christmas and I had received a few gifts, and things I knew I was never really going to use.  Then I had shoes, mainly new that I had bought on a whim and then later found that I could not return them to the store and they really didn't fit well.

Well, anyway, the main thing to do if you want to start selling quickly on Ebay or you want some quick pocket change, look around your house for quality items that people may need or want to buy and then take a picture if you have a camera, write a quick description of the item, make note of any defects, marks, stains etc then list it on Ebay - you will need a sellers account to do this - start your listings quite low to attract attention and make sure you make use of all the keyword space where you write your description for maximum exposure in the search engines. 

Well, this is just a few tips of what I did to make a little extra change on Ebay, so it may help somebody who wants to start selling on Ebay.  You may think you have nothing to sell, but once you look around the house you will see one or two good quality items that you don't need that somebody else might like.

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