How to start selling the easy way

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Ok the first thing you need to know is common words (known as slang)
BNIB = Brand New In Box
BNWT = Brand New With Tags
BNWL = Brand New With Labels
BNWOT = Brand New With Out Tags
MIB = Mint In Box
BNS = Brand New Sealed
BN = Brand New
VGC = Very Good Condition
NR = No Reserve
NPB = Non Paying Bidder
NPS = Non Performing Seller
UID = Unpaid Item Dispute
FVF = Final Value Fee

I'm sure there are many more but these will get you started.

To really sell your item you will need to add a photo to your listing you can use a digital camera, a normal camera (then scan your picture in) or if your item is flat anyway just scan it. A picture will bring trust into your listing as the buyer can see there is actually an item, for that reason i do not like to see stock photos because anyone can, item or no item.
Now give it a good title using keywords that you may to use to look for that particular item, also spelling helps here if you are unsure use a spell check or a dictionary.
Decribe your item dont just put phone for sale give measurements, colour weight what it can do etc etc, also if you are putting any extra bits in that go with the item say so, the more you put the more someone will want it. If you know the origin or history of it put that in too.
When it comes to pricing it, heres a few thing worth noting down if you start it at 99p listing fee will be 15p but the bids will only go up to £1.04 on the second bid, so starting at £1.00 will cost 20p but will take the next bid to £1.20. Its a matter of 5p extra on listing it. Before you submit your listing it will say what your charges are (if you are not happy go back & change them).
Now i always state that if you pay with paypal i will post same day & do because that brings people back to your listings as they know there is no hanging about. You bid, you win, you pay, i post, simple!
If you accept cheques like i do, state in your listing that you have to wait for cheque to clear, roughly 5 working days (banks differ, so check), as some people try to pull a crafty that is send the cheque get goods, then tell bank cheque has been lost in the post. Buyer gets free item, you are out of pocket.
Don't worry too much about new Ebayers we were all newbies once upon time, but recently there has been a spate of newbies bidding items up then not paying, so state in your listing they are welcome to bid but that you would like a message from them that they are serious about the particular item in question.
Also dont hike your P&P up just to make a profit as this against
Ebays policy. I weigh the item in question (normal kitchen scales - nothing fancy) then add 15g for packaging, i then add my packaging cost to postage cost & then finally work out if it will be letter, large letter or packet rate then state 1st, 2nd & Airmail prices. If a buyer wants recorded they will ask for it.
Another good thing i have found recently is a web site that will host my pictures for FREE! So no more paying 12p for extra pics, i cant state particular companies here but if you message me i will help you.
Negative comments are not all bad afterall they are just a little red blob! Reply to it in a calm way then people who read your feedback will you see the truth just from how polite your reply is.
Oh & one other thing be helpful & courteous however bad your day has been, you will be judged on how you answer questions.

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