How to start up a Popcorn business

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Popcorn Machines - Why Starting up is simple and profitable! Search on eBay today! Search ebay now popcorn carts

Catering, commercial popcorn maker machines have been around for some years. Traditionally you would see them at cinems and circus rings, that bright red machine signalling a mouth watering treat! The smell of hot fresh popcorn is one that conjeuers up many memories and being low in fat and sodium popcorn is back in favour and ready to make you money!

Commercial popcorn machines have come down in price so much that purchesing one for yourself and hiring it out or attending car boots, fetes and flea markets are just some of the ways you can make serious money. The machine pictured above retails on ebay at £235 inc VAT with a 50lb sack of corn retailing at £35 (makes 700 portions) you can see how quickly you make back you initial investment and start making serious profits!

Cinemas now sell popcorn at £4-£5 for a large tub when you consider that the tubs retail at less than 5p then you are turning a great profit on this 'healthy' fun snack. Search eBay for supplies! popcorn supplies

A Tasty Profit

What else do you need? Well as soon as you have purchased your machine and corn all you need is vegetable oil and either salt or sugar depending on which you prefer. The machine comes with scoop & measuring spoons so you don't have to guess, it is all done for you! Serve in some nice cartons and watch your profits roll in!

The many benefits of a popcorn business include:

Profitability: Realize huge profit margins (popcorn is the highest profit margin product in the Vending Industry)

Affordability: Enjoy a minimal investment

Ease-of-Use: New machines are fun and simple to operate and more importantly - clean!

Reliability: Take comfort in owning a machine with a dependable dispensing system with consistent, high-quality output - warranties included.

  I have made a good living out of popcorn and candy floss I hope through eBay you can do the same - Good Luck!

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