How to start your own clothing range on ebay

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I have recently had the idea that it may be a new target to start my own clothing range on ebay. For those people who love everything clothes and fashion this really is the thing you must be doing. Starting with an idea and wrapping it in your own knowledge and inspiration could really roll over some hidden money. Starting a business really isn't easy; as you can probably imagine. On the other hand ebay allows you to get really creative for very little money. It takes up a small amount of time and can be seen as a hobbie more than a job. Tie dye is really coming back into fashion and it is most defiantly going to be the main thing filling high street stores this summer. I took my idea and did some research by checking out the high street stores for myself and asking around my friends what they thought of my idea. I then spent a weekend with my sister buying some cheap supplies which consisted of dyes, t-shirts and elastic bands. We set up large buckets of dye in the garden and managed to produce some really beautiful t-shirts. I spent the next week really getting to grips with ebay, I purchased a few items myself and left feedback commenting on their service. This then enticed positive feedback for my own account making me more attractive to potential buyers. Once I became comfortable with ebay I took pictures of my tie dye t-shirts, I came up with a name which I thought was unique, playful and captured what I was trying to do. I used variation menus to allow the customers to choose from different colours, sizes and styles. It may only be a small idea but it is defiantly a start. I would recommend beginning small with a simple idea that wont cost you too much money to create and has the potential to be a real hit with the buyer. Offer your costumer a great service, be creative and always be friendly to your customers. I really hope this has given you an idea of how you could start your very own clothing range. Be confident with your idea, be bold and really push your ideas out there.
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