How to successfully sell Make Up on Ebay

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As a Professional Make Up Artist I am forever buying make up, I tend to use the excuse ''It's for my kit'' at least once a week whilst I run up the stairs with bags of shopping.  I often buy make up for my kit and then decide it wasn't a necessary purchase, because actually I have 5 black eyeliners and I really don't need another one because I always stick with the same trusty one for each client, this used to then just get tucked away at the bottom of my kit bag whilst trying to stay positive thinking ''I'm sure I'll get round to using it'' knowing full well it's never going to see the light of day EVER again.  
One day a light bulb went off in my head.... EBAY!!!! I used to find it extremely hard to sell make up on Ebay because there are so many fakes on the market, people tend to steer clear of Ebay when purchasing make up in case they get ripped off. Hopefully some of my tips will help you with this.
If there is one thing that really gets my goat when I am buying on Ebay it's that sellers don't feel the need to be honest, when making a listing my first thought is... be as honest as possible. My descriptions are usually way too long but at least people have the option of reading them and hearing about my items life story rather than being left in the lurch and unhappy with their purchase. Think of everything you would like to know if you were buying an item, tell the buyer where you purchased it from in the first place and how long ago, add a copy of the receipt if possible (obviously black out any personal details such as credit card, name, account number, address... so on), always state the colour, size and make of the item and what it is used for, treat people as though they have never heard of this thing you call Primer. If the item is coloured (say a lipgloss, foundation or eyeshadow) I try and describe the colour to the best of my ability as packaging pictures and company names of colours can be deceiving, also try and load pictures, if I don't have pictures of the item out of the container I tend to put on my listing for people to search for 'swatches' on Google Images as everyone seems to have a blog these days and there are usually swatches out there somewhere, be careful taking pictures from Google Images and loading them to your Ebay listing as a lot of pictures are copy right and you could end up with legal action taken against you. Take as many of your own photographs as possible, I always photograph the product itself with and without flash, I also take pictures of the back so people can see the ingredients. If there is any damage on the container make sure you list it, even a pen mark on the lid can send buyers into melt down.
The most important part of any listing on Ebay is the item title, think of things people will search for, so instead of just putting 'foundation' make sure you add the brand of the item, the colour number and name, the size of the bottle and what the item is. If I am looking for a specific item I will always type as much as possible into the search box so I don't waste time trawling through items I don't need to.
 Finally the big thing with make up is it does 'go off' and although you may not of opened the item, if it's 5 years old then throw it away because it has most likely changed from a delightful creamy texture to a not so nice jellified lump. You can always find out how long you should keep a product unopened by contacting the company directly as the 'keep me time' on the back of the product is for how long you should keep it once it has been opened.
Package items well and always label as fragile, no one wants to receive an envelope full of broken plastic and an explosion of red lipgloss. Always email the buyer to thank them for their purchase and payment and let them know when you will post it so they can keep an eye out for it and send them the tracking number if you get one. People like the personal touch. Good luck!
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