How to survive the Credit Crunch - But NOT loose out...

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Thats right, your about to read how I manage to survive the Credit Crunch but NOT loose out. These are tried and tested tips you can start using TODAY.

Issue 1: I want it, I want it, I want it!

Sound familier aye? Well you are no the only one! We all want to have fun, get the latest gadgets and be an interesting person in the pub, the difference is, you now have to choose your products more wisely. How do you do that you ask? Well, you know the £450 gadget you want so bad? There are items that do EXACTLY the same thing, except the company that made them does two things different:

1) They do NOT spend millions to get the latet pop star to use the product, or have an advert on during Coronation Street, or in between a movie on a Saturday night.

2) They do NOT spend millions on research and to hire the latest gurus from Oxford or Cambridge.

This means they can supply us, the common Joe Bloggs with cheaper products.

Issue 2: Customer Service - What happened to that?

On hold for another 1 hour? Heard that before? Me too, one of the things with the credit crunch means that the more people that buy the latest gadgets for example, means the more customers the company has to serve. That means the days of you getting an email from someone who cares are long gone! Think about it, some of the BIGGEST companies in the world OWN the very email system you use, but would you ever get an email from them? NOPE - its you who has to call them on a 0844 number and pay 50P per minute to talk about an issue you have with something you bought from them!

Well, this is not the case with ebayers, you can grab a bargain AND be sure to get a reply to each and every email, before, during and AFTER the sale. What more can you ask for in this day and age?

Its a jungle out there, be safe.

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