How to tablet a cat

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1) get the tablet out of the packet/ bottle and have it ready.
2) get the animal on a table or surface about waist height.
3) you may need someone to hold onto the cats trunk for you so it can't back away, depending on if your cat is good.
4) if you are right handed, get the cats head in your right hand. The palm of your hand should be on the cats upper neck just below and between the ears.
5) then the right  thumb should be on the left corner where his top lip meets his bottom lip
6) the right middle finger should be on the right corner where his top lip meets his bottom lip.
7) use the whole right hand to arch they cats head backward and upward. This will be easiest if the right index finger is on top of his head as it will help you arch it back. His nose will point to the ceiling and his jaw will slacken. His mouth may come open a little way. He mouth will also be pointing towards the ceiling.
8) pick up the tablet in the left index finger and thumb
9) use the left middle finger to pull down on the lower jaw so it is open
10) push the tablet into the back of the throat as far as you possibly can (this is key) using the left index finger and thumb, then quickly remove the left hand and hold the jaw tight shut with head still raised 
11) blow on the nose and rub the throat until you feel the cat swallow the tablet. You may need to adjust the right hand so you are holding the jaw shut and head up with the right hand only so you can use the left hand to rub the throat.

- if your cat is particularly difficult to tablet you may want to consider a pill popper to use to insert the tablet into to put in the back of its throat. This would also save you getting bitten if the cat is aggressive.
- if your cat will not swallow the tablet. You can keep his mouth closed but slowly squirt 1ml of water in his mouth through a syringe to make him swallow it. Take care wit this though as he could risk choking if you aren't careful. Only use a small quantity of water.



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