How to take care of a wig?

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How to put on a half wig
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How to put on a half wig

How to Brush a wig?

If it is getting tangle or frizzy, please DO NOT try hard to brush it, spray the wig oil/spray before brush and Do start to brush from the ends. If not, use a bit shampoo and conditioner in warm water wash first, and bush when it is wet  :)

How to wash a wig?
  1. Comb gently to remove tangles, and then turn inside out
  2. Add a cupful of specifically formulated wig shampoo or mild normal shampoo to 25 degree water, soak wig for 5 minutes
  3. Swirl gently without rubbing the wig
  4. Rinse thoroughly in a basin of clean water
  5. Blot with a towel to remove excess water
How to put a half wig on?

1) Give the wig a gentle shake.

 2) Identify the front and the back of the wig.  The label always goes in the back.  

3) Place the wig on a flat surface so you are looking inside the wig.  Make sure the label is at the top (the label is at the back of the wig).  Grasp the wig at the top (back), with your hands placed on each side of the label.

4) Slip the wig over the head starting at the hairline and then towards the neck.  The front of the wig should lie on the front hairline.

5) The wig should feel secure, but not too tight.  If needed, you can adjust the size with the Velcro tabs inside the wig.

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