How to take the perfect picture

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How to take the perfect picture

Have you just got your holiday snaps back and they are for from the perfect picture. Are you totaly disapointed not what you expected shoved them to the back of the draw. Want to change all that well just follow these 7 basic easy steps to better pictures.However simple or flash your camera is the basics of taking a good photo are the same.

1. Get a grip

A firm but gentle grip on your camera will ensure sharper pictures. Stay steady by tucking your elbows and keeping your feet slighty apart, and make sure your fingers are not over the lens.

2.Compose yourself

A few seconds spent on composition can transform a dull picture into something magical.Do not just point and shoot assess the scene and find the best bits. Then frame your picture carefully. Put your subject to the side, rather than bang in the middle,as this will add impact.

3.Another point of view

Too many pictures of pets and children are taken from above. Go down to their level to capture them looking more natural. Then get in close. Instead of squinting at the distance figure on your picture, you will be dazzeled by the detail.

4. Light it or not

Natural light almost always looks better than flash light. Direct your subjects next to a window ask the to look towards it. Better still take the oicture outside. When you need to use it, remember that the built in flash on your camera will only work at a distance of about 4-5 meters away.

5.Sharpen up

Digital cameras commonly have auto focus which will ensure most of your pictures stay sharp. But the camera focuses in the centre of the frame, which could leave your subject fuzzy if they are to one side. If your camera has auto focus lock, now is teh time to use it. Point your camera at the subject activate the lock usually by pressing the shutter halfway down recompose your picture and hey presto all should be clear.

6. Candid camera

Some of the best pictures are taken when the people in them had no idea they were being photographed. This dos not mean you have to hide in the bushes with a telephoto lens although a zoom can keep you out of the subjects way. If you take lots of shots, children soon become imprevious to the camera, allowing you to capture them at play.

7. Don't stop

The joy of digital photography is that you can take as many pictures as you like. The more you take the more the more likely your are to shoot the pictures you will love.

Now you have the basics whats stopping you snap to it.

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