How to teach your 8wk old puppy to sit

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Every expert has their own theories on this but I prefer the traditional approach with a slight twist on the reward system.

With an adult dog you can gently lower his butt down.  With a puppy you cant really do this.  You must wait until he sits of his own accord.  Then as his bum is crouching into the sit position gently but clearly give the command "SIT!"  when he is fully sat tell him what a clever boy he is.

Do this everytime he sits for about 10 minutes per session.  Puppies dont have very long attention spans so ts best to keep training sessions short and sweet.

What about rewards?  Many people think that by rewaring your dog/pup everytime he obeys you are teaching him to keep doing as he is told.  WRONG!

By rewarding your dog everytime you give the command are actually teaching him not to bother obeying.

I use a system whereby I vary the reward.  For example:

1st time he obeys.  Give him a small tit bit and tell him he's a good boy.

2nd time he obeys:  Tell him he's a good boy.  (No food!)

3rd time he obeys:  Throw a toy for him to fetch.

4th time he obeys:  give him a tit bit.

Mix his rewards up.  Keep him guessing and you will keep him responding!



Well all pup's are different.  Some are very sharp and will pick it up within minutes.  Others might take a few days.

Be patient and he will get there.


Dont tell him off when he gets it wrong.

Only use your pups name when you are praising her (during training)

If his mind is starting to wonder and he isnt concentrating dont force him.  Just stop and wait until later to begin another session.

Dont make training sessions too long.



It may be wise to start teaching your puppy the sit command indoors.  Outside there are lots of exciting smells and sitractions that will make it hard for him to concentrate.  Gradually when he gets familiar with the command you can extend his training to outside.  After all its important to teach him to obey you wherever he is.

Dont get too over excited when your dog obeys.  This might make him all giddy and then you will find it hard to get him to focus on the next command.

If you want a really polite little dog, as your puppy become's familiar with the "sit" command, tell her to sit before her meals and before crossing the street.  Also when you are putting her collar and leash on and taking them off.


If you would like advice on any aspect of dog training , behavour or breeds (I am a behaviour expert) please feel free to email me and I will get back to you - usually within 24hrs.

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