How to tell a Fake

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Hi after reading your review on Art prints' I have to tell you yes your right a lot of  artist prints signed there work limited editions, Most well  known artist well PICASSO ESPECIALLY would never sign a print on its paper so readily Picasso he would only sign unique works at point of sale. He was always careful not to sign so that if there was a theft people would no any unsigned work for sale was potentially stolen and prints would be signed in  the  plate or stone' bloch even then rare for his hand to sign the prints but yes of course some were signed  Picasso estate would use a stamp signature that had been made  the printer would use this when making the print run.  Always better to match up size of work and collection match in gallery dates so on' so many prints on here are wrong size the prints that where done together by printer all  same size limited edition  with Picasso  works of art that are in museums in New York Spain England and private collections  around the world  his best making $100 million  plus yet none are signed Picasso signature was his work because you no its Picasso   unmistakable. Yet on here the thicker the signature the quicker it sells in red green  orange any colour but black which was most popular signed colour for picasso.  Had  He signed all these by hand he would have been signing more that painting there is only one true way to tell fake from real take it to Christie's or Bonhams any of the top auction houses there expert will tell you there the ones that sell art of the highest value  they get paid to no and sell art. Its free unless you wish for valuation to keep for insurance they can arrange that to. So please just because someone prints off a C.O.A from there computer or print gallery  and tell's you that's original got C.O.A with it I could print one on my home pc means nothing the experts that buy and sell picassos works of Art no There job is to no. Its free and you don't have to live in London they do an on line link from where ever you are' Mine does in on Thursday fingers crossed hope that helps thanks Alphie0.     


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