How to tell if a power tool is real

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How to tell if its fake

1. The price if it’s really cheap it could be too good to be true, if no one else has bid for it leave it (except for retailers who sometimes get free of charge incentives that they sell off very cheap, but are still 100% genuine)

2. Ask the seller for the model number by asking seller a question then check it on the company’s web site by writing the model number in the site search box

Such as:                

Why not buy fake tools ?

1. The motor is not as powerful, very short life span compared to the proper thing,  one of these drills will last someone who use the drill every day for a month and a half max (due to the poor quality battery cells used and motor)

2. THERE NOT SAFE, many carry no safety guarantee such as the CE

3. The battery life is tiny, due to quality not being part of the making process

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