How to tell if an item is fake or a scam.

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Unfortunately eay is home to alot of fakes and scammers. Mostly from China, Hong Kong and Aisa. Thousands of people say they live in the UK in actual fact they live in Aisa, they list fake items, take your money and run, and unfortunately they are untracable, leaving you with no item, and no refund.

In this guide i will use fragrences as an example, but the same code applys to most other items.

Thia is a list of things that will help you to spot a scammer.

1. The listing is from China or any asian country

2. They have many of the same listing over and over again with the same pictures from different sellers.

3. They have private feedback (they do this because of people leaving feedback about being scammed)

4. They have ridiculously low selling prices, if the 'perfume shop' is selling a fragrance for £30 and a seller is selling for £10 there must be a good reason

5. There is no returns policy

6. Don't be fooled by sellers being verified, a powerseller, and or having an about me page!

7. Nine times out of ten, the product is in the wrong category

8. If you are still not sure about the authenticity of a product, ask the sellers specific questions

9. Read the titles and descriptions carefully, testers are very easy to fake because there usually in plain packaging

Fakes can look extremely convincing until you open the box, then you will discover fakes are usually in different bottles, the logos willbe cheeply printed with faded areas.  The colour of the fragrance can be different, and smell nothing like the original product.

I hope this guide is helpful.

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