How to tell if your BOSE TriPort product is fake!

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Here in this guide are several easy steps to find out of your BOSE TriPort IE In Ear Earphones / Headphones are fake / counterfeit.

Firstly I would like to explain the reason for writing this guide. We are soon looking to expand our product catalogue and the amount of items we sell each week / month. I am a big fan of high performance audio visual equipment and I believe that BOSE are one of the manufacturers who can produce high end audio equipment.

At the same time we also want to preserve our great feedback and customer service that we have received from all of our customers. We also want our customers to be confident when purchasing from us, knowing that we only stock 100% genuine goods.

So back to the point!

1) The major and most obvious difference between a fake set of Bose TriPort and a genuine set is the metal effect grille on the side of the earphones...

  • On the legitimate version the metal grille is totally non-reflective.
  • On the counterfeit models the grille is reflective and holds a glossy looking surface.

2) Behind the silicon earbud there should be a 4 digit code placed on each of the earphones. You will ned to remove the silicone bud to reveal this number.

  • On the legitimate version the code should be totally straight and level, it should look professionally stamped / printed on each of the earphones.
  • On the counterfeit model the code will be off centered, you may find the numbers are slightly different sizes and will not look professional.

3) This is the most difficult difference to spot between the two versions. It is all to do with the packaging

  • On the legitimate version the font is more yellow and the font is also less bold / more narrow letters.
  • On the counterfeit version the font is tinted in green and the font is also slighlty bolder.

Note: I have only noticed this on the above packaging!

These differences between the genuine and fake versions are all due to research and I believe these are 3 of the easiest ways to find out if you have purchased a incorrect model.

Just a few obvious pointers!

If the price is LOW the chances are its fake!
If you are in doubt, call BOSE and verify the serial number! BOSE can tell you instantly if the product you have purchased is legit or not.

Hope this helps everyone looking to purchase a new set of BOSE TriPort In Ear Earphones
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