How to tell if your BOSE TriPort product is fake!

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Welcome! Here in this guide are several easy steps to find out of your BOSE TriPort IE In Ear Earphones / Headphones are fake / counterfeit. (more details here: Firstly we would like to explain the reason for writing this guide. There are so many fake Bose on eBay and fake sellers pretending to sell genuine Bose that we thought we'd try to help the "normal user". Don't buy from us... we don't mind... but please buy genuine! If the headphones don't make you say "WOW" when you listen - then they're probably not genuine! If they cost £29-39 instead of £79 - then you can be fairly sure they're fake! Please see our 5 year feedback history to see that you can be confident when purchasing from us, knowing that we only stock 100% genuine/authentic goods. 1a) The major and most obvious difference between a fake set of cardboard pack Bose TriPort and a genuine set is the lettering/font on the pack (for cardboard packs) 1b) The major and most obvious difference between a fake set of plastic pack Bose TriPort and a genuine set is the hook hole/insert on the pack (for plastic packs) 2) Looking behind the silicon earbuds does not indicate whether the headphones are real or not... since both genuine and fake headphones have been seen with 4 digit codes on each earphone - and whilst we have seen fakes with uneven print.... both have been seen with evenly spaced and level text. As regards the pack printing... the legitimate version has evenly spaced text with a vertical bar spaced exactly in the middle the counterfeit version has unevenly spaced text and the veritcal bar is "off centre" These differences between the genuine and fake versions are all due to 2+ years of research and we believe that this guide covers all reliable methods by which to identify whether your headphones are genuine or fake. If the price is LOW the chances are its fake! Please remember that even BOSE cannot tell you instantly if the product you have purchased is fake or not. The bootleggers have copied registration cards, serial numbers, warranty stickers etc.... Please see here for more information: Hopefully this helps anyone looking to purchase a new set of BOSE TriPort In Ear Earphones
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