How to train your cat to use a magnetic cat flap.

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As i have been asked by EBay and bzzagent i thaught i would write a guide to help you with cat flap issues. So, i have just baught a petsafe staywell 932 cat flap, it has 4 way locking mechanism to let your cat in, out or both or fully locked the only problem i may find now is teaching my cats how to use it as it dosent seem to come naturally to them. So, heres the knowhow the best thing to do before you fit it is to let them get used to it, leave it in the room and hold a treat on one side and hold the flap open for them, they will then get that they can go through it. let them do this for a week or so then fit the flap, if they are around when you fit it thats better as they will then know that they can go through it and that it leads from the inside to the outside. once the cat flap is fitted you need to teach them to use it, the best thing to do is sit on one side with a treat or favourite toy, and leave the flap slightly open so its easier for them to push. once they have got used to the idea of going through it and back in again you can close the flap fully then, in their own time they will learn to push it open as they now associate the flap with good things (like in the beginning it was a treat, now its getting from the inside to go and explore outside) you may notice at first that they scratch it to try and open, this is great as they know what its for again in their own time they will figure out to push it to get in/out it dose take time mine took 3 weeks but now there in and out like experts. 


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